Amur Region

The Amur region has a high potential for development due to its flat terrain in a comparatively large area with a favorable climate, which makes it possible for both residential development and the development of agribusiness in the southern part of the region; relatively high infrastructure (including transport) security, availability of affordable electricity, a diversified economy with good opportunities

Republic of Buryatia

The Republic of Buryatia has objective competitive advantages that ensure the sustainable development of the region: the local landmark Lake Baikal, large reserves of all kinds of resources, as well as a relatively high population with good rates of natural growth and a diversified economy.

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is an example of development opportunities in objectively difficult conditions. The competitive advantages of the region are mainly associated with a rich mineral resource base that determined the primary economic specialization due to significant restrictions for development in other areas (harsh and extreme climate, vast undeveloped territories with fragmented infrastructure

Trans-Baikal Territory

Location close to the border, the presence of a developed transportation complex and several land (both road and rail) checkpoints across the state border indicate a significant but not yet realized potential for the developed of cross-border economic cooperation. The high population density of the regional center creates opportunities for development.

Primorye Territory

Primorye Territory is considered the most promising region of the Far Eastern Federal District in terms of economic and social development potential. A favourable climate, an extensive coastline, and the access to various resources for economic activity have created attractive living conditions, which predetermined a high level of residential development of the region.