Sakhalin Region

Sakhalin Region is a unique territory of Russia, since its territory is a system of islands with the main territory of about. Sakhalin and the islands of the Greater Kuril Ridge. Due to the island nature of the territory, the main problem limiting its development is the lack of a permanent transport connection with the mainland.

The transport connection of the region with the rest of the country (as well as between the islands of the region) depends on weather conditions and is carried out by air and sea transport, which makes it difficult and expensive to move people, and also limits the use of the region's resource potential due to high transport costs. The solution to the problem will be the planned construction of a bridge on about. Sakhalin, which will ensure the connection of the main developed part of the region with the country's transport system.

Kamchatka Territory

Kamchatka Territory has a high potential for the development of tourism, associated both with the unique nature of the region, the presence of geothermal springs and balneological resources, opportunities for sports activities (fishing, hunting, skiing, etc.), and with the culture of the indigenous people of the peninsula.

The presence of significant and diverse reserves of aquatic biological resources in the water area of the region and proximity to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region create prerequisites for deliveries to the markets of the country and export of products to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Development of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) and creation of a stronghold in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the Pacific Ocean for the deposition and transshipment of cargo from non-ice class ships to icebreaking class ships.

Chukotka Autonomous Area

The Chukotka Autonomous Area belongs to the Arctic regions of the Far East with limited opportunities of residential development. In this regard, a small resident population settles in the region and the main part of the territory remains undeveloped. At the same time, the region is considered promising for doing business due to its rich mineral resource base and its location on the coast of two oceans

Jewish Autonomous Region

The Jewish Autonomous Region, unlike many other regions of the Far Eastern Federal District, occupies a compact territory with an area of ​​36,3 thousand square km. In the south of the region, along the river Amur there is a long border with the People's Republic of China. More than half of the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region is represented by plains. The mountainous terrain in the southwestern and northern parts of the region has a low altitude (up to 1,421 m above sea level). According to its natural and climatic conditions, the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region is favorable for the development and conduct of various types of economic activity, including agriculture.

Magadan Region

The Magadan region is one of the regions of the Far North with limited opportunities for residential development. In this regard, a small resident population lives in the region, concentrated mainly in the administrative center and near «Kolyma» highway while the most of the territory has no settlements and lacks infrastructure.

At the same time, Magadan is an entry point - a transport hub for organizing the economic development of the region, and the concentration of the population in the administrative center creates conditions for its development as a service center of the region, the center of the urban economy, with a high share of small and medium-sized businesses and the non-state sector of social services, in including in the field of leisure and health care both for residents of the region and for shift workers, and in the future for tourists (with the development of this potential).