Production of minerals: Gold

The digest contains a cross-country comparative analysis of reserves, production and consumption of gold, an assessment of the profitability of its production, as well as an analysis of the dynamics of world prices for it. The material presents key indicators reflecting the state of the gold market in Russia and the Far Eastern Federal District: the distribution of reserves, production (in the context of enterprises and deposits) and exports.

Demographic situation of the Far Eastern Federal District

The digest contains a multifaceted assessment of the demography of the Far Eastern Federal District: an analysis of the size and composition of the population, life expectancy and fertility, marriages and divorces, household composition, morbidity and mortality, migration of the population of the region.

Fishery complex of the Far Eastern Federal District

The digest is devoted to the systematic assessment of the fishery complex of the Far Eastern Federal District. The material presents data on the volumes of production of renewable bioresources in the world, Russia and the regions of the Far East, as well as the results of an analysis of the total allowable and recommended volumes of production of renewable bioresources, their prices, the cost of catching fish, the main financial indicators of industry enterprises, foreign trade turnover, taxes and fees from fishing and fish farming. The digest estimates of the fishing fleet, the capacities of the largest fish processing enterprises and port refrigerated warehouses in the Far East are given.

Assessment of the development of the agro-industrial complex of the Far East

The digest presents the results of an assessment of the agro-industrial complex of the Far Eastern Federal District and contains an analysis of the key indicators of its development: size of acreage, production volumes, crop yields and livestock productivity. The material contains an assessment of the food security of the region, the investment attractiveness of the industry and the conduct of foreign trade in agricultural products. Forecasts for the development of agriculture in the region until 2025 are given and measures of state support for agricultural producers are described.

Republic of Buryatia

The Republic of Buryatia has objective competitive advantages that ensure the sustainable development of the region: the local landmark Lake Baikal, large reserves of all kinds of resources, as well as a relatively high population with good rates of natural growth and a diversified economy.