Magadan 2030 Master plan

The Magadan 2030 Master plan supplements the strategy for the territorial development of the city, and proposes actions to develop Magadan as a leading service center for the north of the Far East development

Anadyr 2030 Master Plan

The Master plan for the city of Anadyr 2030 presents a strategy for transforming the easternmost city of Russia into a city which would be comfortable to live in for people of all generations


Information and analytical decision support digital system designed for management of the socio-economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Information and analytical system «Far East»

Digital information and analytical system for monitoring and forecasting socio-economic processes in the Far East to support managerial decision-making and evaluate their effectiveness

«Digital twin» of the Northern Delivery

Information system for optimizing the cost, timing and logistics of the vital cargo supply to remote areas of the Far Eastern Federal District and the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

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