Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 2030 Master plan

Government bodies
People of the region

The Master plan designed for the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky agglomeration 2030 presents a strategy for its transformation into a city with the highest quality of life among large cities

The Master plan includes:

  • description of economic and unique natural and climatic prerequisites for the development of the city and its agglomeration;
  • analysis of the current economy structure and its future model based on the ecosystem development of different industries;
  • analysis of the current state and further development potentials of five priority sectors: tourism, fishing and fish processing, ship repairing, science and high-performance activities, energy;
  • description of value chains in each of city’s priority sectors, projects, and measures to support their development;
  • description of the linkage between key sectors of the economy and the development of the city;
  • key performance indicators for the development of the agglomeration in the context of achieving national goals;
  • approaches, main directions, tasks and scenarios for the spatial development of the agglomeration;
  • roadmap for the implementation of the master plan.

Key indicators:

+49,4 % (CAGR 4,5%) GVP growth (to the basic year of 2020)
15 thousand people population growth
272 points urban environment quality index
4,98% high-productivity activities contribution to the GVP
50% share of municipal services in electronic form
100% share of fish waste processing

Eastern State Planning Center develops Master plans for urban districts and agglomerations in the Far Eastern Federal District and the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, based on a thorough analysis of the current and future level of territory’s socio-economic development of the territory, including:

  • demography
  • economic structures of an urban districts or agglomeration;
  • sociocultural context;
  • current transport and engineering infrastructure and its long-term development plans;
  • current state of urban planning
  • innovative and investment projects in an urban district or agglomeration.

In the course of filed research, the specialists of the Eastern State Planning Center:

  • identify key challenges and development potentials of an urban district or agglomeration;
  • describe the portrait of the «future resident» and his needs;
  • identify industries with high potential and calculate the direct economic and multiplier effects of their development;
  • develop a plan for the long-term development of the city (agglomeration) and key performance indicators to assess its implementation;
  • design various scenarios for the spatial development of the city (agglomeration), including the construction of living houses, social (educational, sports, cultural, etc.), commercial, infrastructural, industrial and landscape facilities.

When developing master plans, specialists of the Eastern State Planning Center rely on the experience of diverse projects implementation in the field of socio-economic, innovation and investment development, analysis of current and modelling prospective indicators for the development of territories at various levels in the Far East and the Arctic (from individual municipalities to macroregions).

Master plans prepared by Eastern State Planning Center are based on a systematic assessment of all factors that affect the socio-economic situation in an urban district or agglomeration, have a methodological and economic justification, provide a strategic vision for the development of a territory in the context of the macroeconomic situation, the federal and regional agenda, and are based on relevant standards and guidelines for future development of the cities.

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