Housing construction in the Far East is growing at a high pace — since the beginning of the year, 1,456.0 thousand m2 of housing has been commissioned, which is 32.1% more than last year (Russia – an increase of 44.2%), according to experts of the Vostokgosplan, having analyzed the dynamics and volume of housing construction.

«Primorsky Krai has become the leader in terms of housing construction – 29% of the total volume of commissioning in the Far East, 14% falls on the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 12% — on the Republic of Buryatia, 11% — on the Amur Region and the Trans-Baikal Territory»

«The volume of housing commissioning has increased in seven subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District. The highest rates were recorded in the Amur Region – 6.6 times compared to the first half of last year, as well as the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Magadan Region – more than 3 times,» analysts report.

«Further development of the industry is associated with the risk of slowing down the pace of construction as a result of a possible postponement of the delivery dates due to interruptions in the supply of building materials, higher prices for them, as well as for construction products, structures, equipment and furniture,» the analysts explained.