Government bodies
Sectoral ministries
People of the region

Information and analytical decision support digital system designed for management of the socio-economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Key indicators:

3104 key projects
853 vessels
269 routes
28 Northern Sea Route zones
48 sea ports
981 port terminals
120 production facilities
46 products

СМП Прогноз позволяет государству и бизнесу: 

  • simulate scenarios and analyze the development potential of Arctic projects;
  • receive an assessment of the socio-economic and environmental effects of project implementation;
  • systematize data about the investment potential of the region;
  • identify infrastructural «bottlenecks»;
  • analyze the implementation of business-related projects and programs for the development of the Arctic Zone;
  • make reasonable and appropriate management decisions

СМП-прогноз обеспечивает поддержку выполнения государственных программ и бизнес-проектов в Арктической зоне РФ

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