The quality of labor resources in the Far East was discussed on the conference “Human capital in the Russian Far East».

Within three days (October 10-12th ), the 4th Far Eastern Business Forum was working on finding mechanisms for joint solutions to the problems of socio-economic development of the Russian Far East.

During the forum, the conference “Human capital in the far East” was held, where the most discussed issues were: personnel training for the economy of the Far East, availability and quality of labor resources in the Far East; cooperation of professional education and industry enterprises that determine the quality of professional training; independent assessment of the quality of vocational education.

The moderator of the discussion “Quality of labor resources in the Far East” was Elena Veprikova, Ph.D., the Head of Research Department of Federal Autonomous Scientific Institution “Eastern State Planning Center”. During the event she noted:

«Modern realities of personnel training for the economy of the Russian Far East have a number of problems, such as:

—  school graduates are focused on higher education, but employers need specialists with secondary special education (73%  of workplaces);

— low competitiveness of most universities in the Far East (average exam score for applicants of the Far Eastern Universities – 58, for applicants of Russian Universities – 63;

— employers are not satisfied with the quality of personnel training, and  graduates have problems with employment because they mostly get theoretical knowledge, not the development of professional competencies».

So, the main results of the discussion are:

  • To use educational products developed and implemented with the participation of employers, including short-term and client-oriented ones, in the process of personnel training.
  • In secondary vocational education to focus on the technological standards of leaders in the business industry (Worldskills).
  • To conduct an independent assessment of graduates ‘ competencies recognized by employers.

To carry out network interaction of educational organizations, business, specialized educational centers for:

— conducting demonstration exams,

— training of teachers (masters) on enterprises,

— organizing special courses for skilled workers.

The recommendations formed at the end of the discussion were sent to the organizers for inclusion in the final resolution of the forum.

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