AIS will cover the Russian Far East

The Russian Far East is 41% of the entire territory of the country, where about 8.2 million people live (5.6% of the population of the Russian Federation).

The territory management requires great efforts, and the most important thing is an understanding of the processes taking place here. So, it is necessary to take into account complete information and to avoid summary measures (aggregated from regions of the Far Eastern Federal District). The information content of indicators increases when they are associated with the territories or settlements where people live. By understanding where problems are emerging and what characteristics they have, more precise impact tools can be developed and applied that are more effective and possibly more cost-effective for the budget system.

Currently, various data are being collected to solve various tasks of state and municipal administration, but they usually exist in different forms, and often contradict each other. To optimize it, FANU “Vostokgosplan” was instructed to work out a model of a unified information and analytical complex (working title AIS “Far East”), which accumulates all the information necessary for the management of the Russian Far East.  It is proposed to include all officially collected information (by state authorities and local authorities) that meets the criteria of comparability, reliability and localization.

AIS “Far East” is planned to be created on the basis of modern digital solutions, provided with an analytical module, which allows to monitor the state  according to the specified criteria and to inform about the occurrence or accumulation of negative phenomena, requiring the management system intervention.


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